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Energy work with children

 Children come into this life with their own unique gift, sensitivities and challenges. These challenges can look like mild to significant sensory issues, learning differences, anxiety, or a a child who interacts with the world in reactive or defensive ways for example. Healing often requires an intuitive eye to look beyond the medical model to see the core reasons.

Sessions with children often begin in person to look at the basic energetic imbalances. This will allow us to look at grounding and energy crossing over among other important things. I will give self care suggestions for home to further work on rebalancing energies over time. Session length depends up on the age of child, with most session lasting no longer than 45 minutes as children respond quickly to energy work. . 


I also work with parents individually to dive into underlying spiritual challenges a child is experiencing. I can often go deeper with children when they are not present. Every situation is unique.


Please contact me with any questions.

Sessions are $125 per hour, prorated if under an hour.

Payment via cash, check, PayPal or Venmo. 

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