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Intuitive soul journeys connecting spirit to soul

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What I offer

Most people in our society are disconnected from themselves for a multitude of reasons. Being disconnected from ourselves then means it is difficult to connect authentically with others and with the natural world. This can feel like depression, anxiety, feeling out of body or that something is just off.  Coming home to ourselves physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually offers a sense of inner peace and a remembering of our true selves.

I offer session both at a distance (over phone or video platform) and in person. These sessions are soul level healing work tailored to the individual in front of me. I incorporate energy medicine, past life regressions, shamanism, clearing of non-beneficial energies, flower essences, and intuitive readings. 

About Me

I have been called a bridge builder.  I am here in this lifetime to act as a catalyst to help others on their healing and awakening journeys.  I am a pediatrician with a fairly conventional practice working for the local hospital.  My alter ego is my work as an energy worker.  Some of patients are aware of this side of me but most are not. I am grateful to have had the universe guide me into this different path.  I discovered a thyroid nodule in my neck while I was on my honeymoon in Ireland.  That started me on my personal healing journey.  This has taken me into training Eden Energy medicine, shamanic herbalism, flower essences, clearing intrusive energies, and Oracle work. I combine all of these together to assist the person in front of me. 



320 E 5th St Port Angeles WA United States 98362

(360) 775-4640

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Tasha Bruch

Christine has played a very special role in my journey. The healing environment and sacred space she holds have been the most impactful healings I have received. Her gift of accepting kindness and intuitive knowing to reveal the truth of it all is incredible whether we are getting to the Hidden parts of trauma to revealing the unique and individual power we all have are just a few of her specialties. If you seek sessions of healing that are always divinely timed and led in your highest good, know you're in the right healing hands. Do not let her poised presence and calm appearance fool you for a second she has primal ancient and Divine feminine power and presence as well.  The more I work with her the more I see and experience the vastness of this. Sessions are guided by her but rest assured the healing and involvement you as a client can have are very powerful. I have been to many different healers all of whom I respect and admire but for me the mix of Eden energy with Christine's natural healing modality by far resonate with my body mind and spirit. I have been blessed with sessions, friendship and a working relationship with Christine, the Wild Rose, and I am so grateful.

Billie Jo Jacobs

Christine is an amazingly gifted healer. Her keen lintuition combined with her knowledge of what our energy systems need to thrive is the perfect recipe for an energy session packed full of healing benefits. During my sessions with Christine I was always impressed with how she is able to follow her intuition as well as listen to my bodies guidance and start right into doing her healing work, Knowing just what I needed that day. A gift of a true healer. I have always felt rejuvenated and more clear after an energy session with Christine. I would also get some "homework" from her on what I can do to continue working with the healing she facilitated. She genuinely desires for you to be well. I highly recommend seeing Christine if you are ready to truly work with her to heal any area of the mind, body and spirit.

Jeanny Holtkamp, mother of Jonathan

In 2010 my husband, and I moved to Sequim Wa with our six-year-old son.  Jonathan had autism, sensory disregulation, leaky gut, food, chemical and environmental sensitivities.  He was non verbal.  Although receptively he understood what was being said, he struggled to speak anything unprompted, even simple words.  He often screamed, and was aggressive.   He was violent towards me, and had multiple outbursts/meltdowns on a daily basis.    

During this dark and difficult time in our lives, Christine Rose was a light house gently guiding our path.  I was fortunate enough to choose Dr. Rose from a list of local pediatricians.  She later introduced us to the gaps diet, and supported us along our way.  It was the summer of 2013 when she asked me if I would be interested in an energy session for Jonathan.   Energy Medicine was a new subject for me, but I was eager to learn more.  Jonathan responded well to the sessions, which encouraged me to continue.   I'll never forget the day, August 7, 2013.  We recently had a session with Christine.  Jonathan and I were both feeling happy, grounded,  and connected.  I got him in his car seat and he said, "kiss."   I gave him a kiss and told him I love you.  He then looked me in the eye, and for the very first time, at age nine, told me "I love you."  

It has been a long journey, and we still have healing to do.  However, it amazes me to look back and see how far we have come.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Christine Rose for her unwavering support and dedication.  She empowered me to learn the basics of energy medicine, and helped me to create our daily morning and evening (and break time!) energy routines. Jonathan is now verbal, and connected.  He is calm, and happy.  He attends a public school in a class of typical peers, which he loves.  He is a different boy.  It takes adhering to a strict healing diet, as well as daily detox and energy protocols.  I have hope and faith that he will only continue to progress and prosper. 

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