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I believe that all people have the capacity to come into greater wholeness. My work is centered in the belief that healing occurs at a variety of levels from physical, to mental, to emotional, to spiritual, to energetic. The underpinnings of my work is the knowledge that we each have a soul. Our souls lead our journeys. 

I love working with children and their families to create greater wholeness, knowing that children have come to this lifetime with so much to offer and they need specific nurturing and support. 

About me

I am from the pacific NW and am so happy to call this beautiful place home. From a young age I knew that I was drawn to healing and decided to pursue a career in medicine. I received an undergraduate degree from Western Washington University in biochemistry, a medical degree from St Louis University School of Medicine and completed my pediatric residency at Oregon Health Sciences University. I inadvertently created my own graduated school program in holistic medicine to augment my previous education. I am an energetically sensitive person and needed my own level of healing after so many years of arduous school in which I did not know I needed to support myself differently. I am on my own journey of learning and discovery and bringing in greater magic and mystery to my life.

I enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 children. I am intimately connected to the Elwha river and entire Salish Sea region. I am continuing to learn herbalism and love plant identification and foraging. 

I am also highly sensitive and wish that I had the tools I know now when I was young and particularly going through school. I offer my work in service of supporting others who need help navigating our world. 

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