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Services and Prices

These sessions are highly individual and no two sessions look the same. They incorporate all of my gifts to really get to the heart and soul of your challenges. These sessions have the potential to be deeply transformative. 

Energy medicine session - in person session on the massage table. This incorporates Eden energy medicine, shamanic work and intuitive information to balance energies and deeply dive into soul level healing. Sessions around usually 1.25 hours but can go longer. For work on kids, sessions are usually 30-45 minutes. Sessions are $100/hr. 


Intuitive soul journey - These sessions can be called oracle or intuitive readings and also incorporate some degree of soul level healing work. since we aren't also doing physical energy work, they often allow for a deeper reading. These can be distance sessions (over the phone or video platform) or in person. Sessions are 1 hour for $125. 


Flower essence formulas added onto any session. $25

Energy clearing of intrusive energies $125-150 depending on the complexity and time spent (done at a distance, includes 10 minute phone call afterwards to answer any questions). A clearing is also often  part of a soul journey. After doing a general clearing we can go in with more clear focus and unearth old patterns. 

Please contact me with any questions.


Payment via cash, check, PayPal or Venmo.  



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